February 12, 2012

34 Weeks

First of all, I have to say that I am so so thankful that I've made it this far!  With all the scares we've had, I'm so glad that we've made it to 34 weeks!  This is a huge milestone for babies as their lungs are developed now.  Thanks to everyone who has been praying!!

How far along: 34 weeks
Size of baby: Honeydew
Movement: Owen is one active little guy.  The other day Eric and I couldn't believe the shape of my stomach as my left side was flatter and my right side was protruding out. My stomach looked so deformed. We realized that Owen had moved his entire body all to the right.  He's keeping us entertained that's for sure!
Sleep: Not good.  Waking up a lot to pee & I've also been dealing with pregnancy insomnia.  I've been taking some B vitamins before bed to help me sleep better the past few nights, and they've definitely helped some.  Unfortunately, I find myself tired all day long though.  I know if I was working out that I would sleep better and have more energy during the day, but with my irritable uterus, working out is just out of the question at the moment. If I make it to 38 weeks (I hope I do), then I'll start walking then.
Cravings: Carbs unfortunately. :(  Eric and I enjoyed some gfree pancakes before church this morning, and they were amazing! I would rarely eat pancakes & waffles for breakfast before pregnancy (tried to stick w/higher protein options), but I've been enjoying them a lot lately!
Queasy or sick:  Nope.
Symptoms:  LOTS of pressure down low and lots of random sharp pains in my pelvic region.  The past few days I have had a ton of contractions and menstrual-like pain ever since my chiropractic adjustment on wednesday. (I had no idea that the adjustment would irritate my uterus-lesson learned.)  Today is Sunday, and I'm JUST now feeling like they are starting to calm down since the adjustment.  Hoping that I'm still not dilated yet. 
Maternity Clothes:  Yes, I feel like I wear the same few favorite maternity shirts on a regular basis.  Not too much longer!
Belly Button In or Out? Outie but not far out.
Wedding Ring On or Off? On-thankful for no swelling yet.
Miss Anything? Sleep, energy, being able to walk without pain. I feel like I have to hold my belly up when I walk b/c it just seems so heavy for my body.  The doctors/midwives/nurses all think that's why my uterus is so irritable-b/c my small framed body is having a hard time carrying the weight of my growing uterus.  I don't know-sounds like I must just be sensitive to things.
High of the week: Being at home with my hubby all weekend. We're realizing there's not much time left for just the 2 of us, so trying to savor these times as things are about to change. (for the better of course :)
Low of the week: Taxes-we were planning to use the refund to pay for some of the hospital's delivery bills, but unfortunately we found out that we'll be paying a lot of money to the IRS instead. Sad, sad day.
Gender: BOY!
Looking Forward to: Hanging up the wall art I got for Owen's nursery and hopefully getting the nursery done over the next 3 weeks.  I'm also praying that baby Owen stays inside for at least 3 more weeks (til I'm 37 weeks pregnant).  37 weeks is considered full term and safe to deliver, so I would like him to wait until then before he comes.  Please join me in praying that I make it to full term.  Thanks so much!

I realized that I hadn't posted the past few weeks baby bump pictures on here, so here are the few that I had left out:

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  1. i'm so sorry about the taxes kristen. :( come on, uncle sam. definitely want to see you ASAP! w + i are out of town this weekend but we don't leave until saturday @ noon. something thursday or friday?