February 26, 2012

36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: Coconut
Movement: Everything I read said that the farther along I got, the less I would feel my baby move, but I find that the opposite is happening. He is getting more and more active, and I LOVE it. Yes, some jabs hurt, and sometimes he sticks his bottom out so far, I feel like my stomach is going to tear, but I am so thankful for every one of his painful movements. :)  Baby boy has flipped to the breech position a few times in the past week or two (all started with a prenatal yoga position that flipped him.) :(  I've been doing these inversion positions that I found online (and talked to my midwife about) that said would help to flip him back head down.  They've been very successful, but I still feel like he could be in an oblique position (head towards one of my hips) rather than straight head down.  I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and while they probably won't do an ultrasound, they'll be able to feel the baby through my uterus to find out what position he is in. I pray that he is head down in the right birthing position.
Sleep: Sleep? What sleep? Okay, I do get SOME sleep at night, but not much at all.  Part of it is due to how uncomfortable I am tossing and turning from my left side to my right side about 20 times a night. Part of it is just due to pregnancy insomnia. For some reason, I just can't stay asleep. I even try to come home and take naps after work, and I can't fall asleep for a nap either. Everyone tells pregnant women to sleep now b/c you won't get any when the baby comes-if only it were that easy. :) BUT, I'm not complaining, because baby Owen will be oh so worth the lack of sleep!
Cravings: More carbs unfortunately. And definitely ice cream this past week.
Queasy or sick:  The past 2 weeks, I've all of a sudden become nauseous at random times. One morning I woke up and the room was spinning and I just felt so nauseous for no reason. Other times it was after I had a large meal, so I've learned to eat smaller, more frequent meals for that reason. The nausea rarely happens though, so I feel good most of the time!
Symptoms:  Mild pain in my pelvic region from time to time. I'll still have a spell of contractions about 2-3 minutes apart about once a week. Otherwise, I feel pretty good.
Maternity Clothes:  Yes, but thankful that I still fit in some regular tops as well or else I wouldn't have much to wear.  
Belly Button In or Out? Outie but not far out.
Wedding Ring On or Off? My fingers just started swelling this past week, so I took my wedding ring off in fear that I wouldn't be able to get it off later. My fingers are only swollen when I wake up in the morning and then go down by the end of the day.
Miss Anything? Walking without waddling? :)
High of the week: I had my work baby shower this week which was a diaper and wipes shower, so we got lots of diapers for Owen! SO THANKFUL for these as I know babies go through diapers FAST! 
Also, every week I am just so thankful that I've made it another week. With all the previous scares of preterm labor, I'm praising Jesus that Owen is still growing inside of me!
Low of the week: Just being exhausted all the time, but I can handle that. 
Gender: BOY!
Looking Forward to:  I'll be considered full term in ONE week! (37 weeks) PRAISE THE LORD! I'm looking forward to meeting our precious baby boy, whether that's in 1 week or 4 weeks! I'm starting to get really excited to have him in my arms.  

Tomorrow (Feb. 27) is my next midwife appointment (I haven't had one in a month), so I'm really excited to find out if I'm dilated or not and any other information for labor and delivery. I also have my Group B strep test, which I'm not looking forward to as much. I won't have another appointment until 40 weeks (if I make it that far-kind of doubt it). Can't believe this is most likely my last midwife appointment. The end of this pregnancy has flown by!

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  1. Yay...you're almost there! I didn't get much sleep at all the last few weeks- such a bummer. You look more gorgeous than ever. Can't wait to hear about Owen's arrival. You will do great!