February 28, 2012

And So It Begins...

Well, Sunday night I was up all night with very painful contractions and cramps.  From 3am on, I could not go back to sleep because I was so uncomfortable. I truly thought I was probably in labor. At 6am, I called the on call midwife to see if I could come in right when they opened at 8am rather than my 11:40am appointment that I already had.  I took 3 hot baths from 10pm Sunday night to 7am Monday morning to try and stop the contractions. Finally, they slowed down some and the pain went away, so I decided to go to work as usual Monday morning and wait for my 11:40 appointment.  Mom drove down to go to the appointment with me where we found out that I was dilated to 2cm and 50% effaced.  Of course, we learned that I could go into labor soon or it could still be several weeks. However, with all the painful contractions from the previous night, my mom didn't seem to think I would last past this weekend. They did the group B strep test at my appointment yesterday and we won't get the results back for 3 days after the test. My midwife informed me that I would have to have IV antibiotics during labor if I went into labor before the test results were back just in case they happened to be positive. I really don't want to have antibiotics during labor, and I really want baby Owen to stay inside and grow a little while longer, so we're just praying that he waits a few more days. I'll be 37 weeks on saturday, which is considered "full-term." Of course, the longer he stays inside the better, but I'm just hoping & praying for nothing to happen until at least Saturday.

Then this morning I lost my "plug." Again, I know that some women lose it and still go a few days to weeks before labor begins; however, because of all the contractions I've been having, I'm not so sure it will be a few weeks. I honestly doubt it. Some people say that you go like your mom did, and my mom went into labor within 24 hours after she lost hers. Praying that's not the case for me! I've been on the couch all day today to try and prevent labor as much as possible. I know that I'm not the one in control, that ultimately it's up to the Lord when He decides to let this baby come into the world. As much as I want to try to control the situation, I'm trying my hardest to "Let Go & Let God." I spent some time praying today and was just reminded that everything is going to be okay. God loves this baby more than I do. Of course I think it's too early to have this baby since I'm only 36 weeks (3.5 weeks from my due date), but I'm choosing to trust the Lord with all of this. I honestly have to continually give the situation back to the Lord over and over again as I find myself wanting to take it back into my own hands. 

Precious Owen has just been kicking away inside my womb, and I cannot get enough of his movements. I love putting my hand on my stomach and feeling his little feet through my stomach. I can't wait to grab those feet and kiss them after he comes out. I'm in love with this baby boy, and I am so looking forward to meeting him when that time comes.

I would definitely appreciate all of your prayers for baby Owen.

Love to you all!

February 26, 2012

36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: Coconut
Movement: Everything I read said that the farther along I got, the less I would feel my baby move, but I find that the opposite is happening. He is getting more and more active, and I LOVE it. Yes, some jabs hurt, and sometimes he sticks his bottom out so far, I feel like my stomach is going to tear, but I am so thankful for every one of his painful movements. :)  Baby boy has flipped to the breech position a few times in the past week or two (all started with a prenatal yoga position that flipped him.) :(  I've been doing these inversion positions that I found online (and talked to my midwife about) that said would help to flip him back head down.  They've been very successful, but I still feel like he could be in an oblique position (head towards one of my hips) rather than straight head down.  I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and while they probably won't do an ultrasound, they'll be able to feel the baby through my uterus to find out what position he is in. I pray that he is head down in the right birthing position.
Sleep: Sleep? What sleep? Okay, I do get SOME sleep at night, but not much at all.  Part of it is due to how uncomfortable I am tossing and turning from my left side to my right side about 20 times a night. Part of it is just due to pregnancy insomnia. For some reason, I just can't stay asleep. I even try to come home and take naps after work, and I can't fall asleep for a nap either. Everyone tells pregnant women to sleep now b/c you won't get any when the baby comes-if only it were that easy. :) BUT, I'm not complaining, because baby Owen will be oh so worth the lack of sleep!
Cravings: More carbs unfortunately. And definitely ice cream this past week.
Queasy or sick:  The past 2 weeks, I've all of a sudden become nauseous at random times. One morning I woke up and the room was spinning and I just felt so nauseous for no reason. Other times it was after I had a large meal, so I've learned to eat smaller, more frequent meals for that reason. The nausea rarely happens though, so I feel good most of the time!
Symptoms:  Mild pain in my pelvic region from time to time. I'll still have a spell of contractions about 2-3 minutes apart about once a week. Otherwise, I feel pretty good.
Maternity Clothes:  Yes, but thankful that I still fit in some regular tops as well or else I wouldn't have much to wear.  
Belly Button In or Out? Outie but not far out.
Wedding Ring On or Off? My fingers just started swelling this past week, so I took my wedding ring off in fear that I wouldn't be able to get it off later. My fingers are only swollen when I wake up in the morning and then go down by the end of the day.
Miss Anything? Walking without waddling? :)
High of the week: I had my work baby shower this week which was a diaper and wipes shower, so we got lots of diapers for Owen! SO THANKFUL for these as I know babies go through diapers FAST! 
Also, every week I am just so thankful that I've made it another week. With all the previous scares of preterm labor, I'm praising Jesus that Owen is still growing inside of me!
Low of the week: Just being exhausted all the time, but I can handle that. 
Gender: BOY!
Looking Forward to:  I'll be considered full term in ONE week! (37 weeks) PRAISE THE LORD! I'm looking forward to meeting our precious baby boy, whether that's in 1 week or 4 weeks! I'm starting to get really excited to have him in my arms.  

Tomorrow (Feb. 27) is my next midwife appointment (I haven't had one in a month), so I'm really excited to find out if I'm dilated or not and any other information for labor and delivery. I also have my Group B strep test, which I'm not looking forward to as much. I won't have another appointment until 40 weeks (if I make it that far-kind of doubt it). Can't believe this is most likely my last midwife appointment. The end of this pregnancy has flown by!

February 12, 2012

34 Weeks

First of all, I have to say that I am so so thankful that I've made it this far!  With all the scares we've had, I'm so glad that we've made it to 34 weeks!  This is a huge milestone for babies as their lungs are developed now.  Thanks to everyone who has been praying!!

How far along: 34 weeks
Size of baby: Honeydew
Movement: Owen is one active little guy.  The other day Eric and I couldn't believe the shape of my stomach as my left side was flatter and my right side was protruding out. My stomach looked so deformed. We realized that Owen had moved his entire body all to the right.  He's keeping us entertained that's for sure!
Sleep: Not good.  Waking up a lot to pee & I've also been dealing with pregnancy insomnia.  I've been taking some B vitamins before bed to help me sleep better the past few nights, and they've definitely helped some.  Unfortunately, I find myself tired all day long though.  I know if I was working out that I would sleep better and have more energy during the day, but with my irritable uterus, working out is just out of the question at the moment. If I make it to 38 weeks (I hope I do), then I'll start walking then.
Cravings: Carbs unfortunately. :(  Eric and I enjoyed some gfree pancakes before church this morning, and they were amazing! I would rarely eat pancakes & waffles for breakfast before pregnancy (tried to stick w/higher protein options), but I've been enjoying them a lot lately!
Queasy or sick:  Nope.
Symptoms:  LOTS of pressure down low and lots of random sharp pains in my pelvic region.  The past few days I have had a ton of contractions and menstrual-like pain ever since my chiropractic adjustment on wednesday. (I had no idea that the adjustment would irritate my uterus-lesson learned.)  Today is Sunday, and I'm JUST now feeling like they are starting to calm down since the adjustment.  Hoping that I'm still not dilated yet. 
Maternity Clothes:  Yes, I feel like I wear the same few favorite maternity shirts on a regular basis.  Not too much longer!
Belly Button In or Out? Outie but not far out.
Wedding Ring On or Off? On-thankful for no swelling yet.
Miss Anything? Sleep, energy, being able to walk without pain. I feel like I have to hold my belly up when I walk b/c it just seems so heavy for my body.  The doctors/midwives/nurses all think that's why my uterus is so irritable-b/c my small framed body is having a hard time carrying the weight of my growing uterus.  I don't know-sounds like I must just be sensitive to things.
High of the week: Being at home with my hubby all weekend. We're realizing there's not much time left for just the 2 of us, so trying to savor these times as things are about to change. (for the better of course :)
Low of the week: Taxes-we were planning to use the refund to pay for some of the hospital's delivery bills, but unfortunately we found out that we'll be paying a lot of money to the IRS instead. Sad, sad day.
Gender: BOY!
Looking Forward to: Hanging up the wall art I got for Owen's nursery and hopefully getting the nursery done over the next 3 weeks.  I'm also praying that baby Owen stays inside for at least 3 more weeks (til I'm 37 weeks pregnant).  37 weeks is considered full term and safe to deliver, so I would like him to wait until then before he comes.  Please join me in praying that I make it to full term.  Thanks so much!

I realized that I hadn't posted the past few weeks baby bump pictures on here, so here are the few that I had left out:

February 2, 2012

33 Weeks

30 Weeks in this picture at my Illinois Baby Shower

Wow, I haven't posted in awhile on here.  Well as most of you probably know, it's been a rough month.  2 hospital visits this past month, and I'm praying that I won't have any more scares until baby Owen is born at full-term. :)  I could definitely use some calm before motherhood officially begins.

So, as you know I was hospitalized at 29 weeks with preterm contractions.  Praise the Lord that the contractions weren't doing anything to my cervix.  It's normal to have contractions during the third trimester, but doctors urge you to call them if you have more than 4-6 in an hour.  I was having about 50-60 an hour (not normal at all), so they definitely wanted me to come in to get checked and to monitor me.  I found out I have an irritable uterus.  All the doctors and nurses told me that an irritable uterus (IU) is more common in smaller framed women b/c our bodies have a hard time carrying the weight of the growing uterus.  Over the past month I've learned that if I overdo it, my contractions will get set off or if I have any caffeine (even that in dark chocolate..I know, sad right?), they will also start up again about 1 minute apart. So, I've been taking it easy so I don't start having 1 minute apart contractions again.  I'm still working, but as soon as I get off work, I come home and lay down on the couch.  Thankfully, I have a job where I'm not on my feet too much. 

Some of you may or may not know that I was in a car accident last week (January 25).  It was raining, and my car hydroplaned into another car, which deployed my air bag.  I was fine minus a burn on my hand from the airbag, but I was extremely concerned about Owen.  Eric came and picked me up from the site of the wreck and took me to the hospital.  We thought we would only be there for 4 hours of monitoring, but my contractions were absolutely crazy, and they did blood work that came back a little abnormal so they were concerned about placental abruption from the accident.  When I heard this, I about lost it (okay I really did lose it).  I haven't even had this baby yet, but the love I have for him is so great already, and the concern that something could be wrong was extremely scary.  At that point, Eric and I were told that we then needed to stay for 24 hours for more monitoring of the baby.  My sweet mom drove down from southern IL and the waiting began.  They wanted to make sure that my body didn't show any signs of the placenta separating from the uterus (bleeding, baby in distress, etc).  It was a long night in the hospital as you don't get any sleep with the nurses coming in multiple times.  Little Owen HATED all the monitors on my belly and he would constantly kick the monitor so hard that the nurse would have to come in and fix it so that his heart beat would register.  I didn't mind his hard kicks one bit; the constant reminder that he was doing well and moving around made me extremely thankful.  Eric was a trooper in the middle of the night, helping me with my IV pole every time I had to get up to go to the restroom.  We both got a little taste of what life would be like in the hospital when Owen really does come.  We called it our practice round.  We know we need to bring more pillows, a soft egg crate to make Eric's bed more comfortable, and definitely some chapstick.  :)  The next afternoon, the doctors finally released us to go home.  Baby Owen did GREAT throughout the night.  He never showed signs of distress.  His name means "Young Warrior," and he truly is such a little fighter.  Nothing seems to be phasing him.  The past month makes me appreciate this baby boy so much more.  When it's actually time for him to come into this world, I know I'll look back at the past month, and it'll all be worth it.  I can't get over how much I love him already.  It's such an amazing feeling.  I'll sing songs to him when I'm driving in the car, and he'll start moving around like crazy.  (I hope that means he likes my singing :)

Well, there is the past month in a nutshell.  I also had my baby showers all this past month too.  I'll write another post including some pictures from that.  Owen is a lucky guy to have so many people who love him.

And I wanted to thank all of you who have been praying for us during all of this.  You have no idea how much your prayers mean to me.  As we all know, prayer is so so powerful, and I ask that you continue to pray that baby Owen stays inside til full-term.  Some of the nurses and I laugh and say, watch him go past 40 weeks since we've been so concerned with him coming early.  Oh well, better late than early, but hopefully he'll come right on time. 

Love you all!