September 29, 2011

Baby Bump Pics

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and the nausea FINALLY went away!  However, now I'm sick with either a cold or bad sinuses.  I hope I catch a break soon and can start enjoying all the good things I hear about the 2nd trimester.  I hate having this headache, stuffy nose, and not being able to breathe.  On a brighter note, I have those baby bump pics that everyone has been asking me about.  Now, there's not a huge bump yet, but it's definitely there.  Someone who didn't know me on the streets would never know I was pregnant, but I can definitely tell.  However, I do feel that I'm in that "awkward" stage of pregnancy.  It's obvious I've put on a few pounds, but then I don't really look pregnant yet, so some people could confuse me as having a gut.  This just makes me more ready to have a bigger bump so it's obvious that I'm pregnant and not chubby. lol

I forgot to take a picture of my stomach right when I found out I was pregnant so I'm sharing a picture of my hubby and I from the beach right before I got pregnant so you can see the bump grow better. :)
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September 13, 2011

Gender Prediction: Boy or Girl?

I'm 13 weeks this Thursday! Yay for the 2nd trimester!  Everyone has been asking me for belly pics, so hopefully I'll be posting one in my next blog post.

Gender Prediction:
After people find out you're pregnant, usually the next question is, "Do you think it's a boy or a girl" or something about the baby's gender.  At the beginning of my pregnancy, I honestly had no intuition about the sex of Baby Pardue, but it seemed like EVERYONE else did.  Everyone seems to think I'm having a girl.  Why do they have that intuition, I have no idea.  And as the mommy of this child, you would think I would have this intuition.  Over the past few weeks, I have taken a few gender prediction quizzes online, and they have all said "girl."  These quizzes usually use all the old wives tales to predict the sex.  For example: Is the heart rate above 140?  Do you crave sugar or salty foods?  Has your face cleared up or broken out more?  Have you had morning sickness?  And many more.

My youth leader from high school texted me last week and told me that she had a dream that I had a girl.  Last but not least, I get daily emails from BabyCenter.  Pregnant women who are pregnant at the same time as you post different questions/forums each day.  Today's forum had all these women talking about how the baking soda test predicted the sex of the baby.  I thought I'd heard it all until I heard this one.  According to these women, if you mix 1 Tbsp. baking soda with 1 Tbsp. of your urine, it would either fizz or bubble.  If it fizzes, you're having a boy; if it bubbles, you're having a girl.  Of course I had to try this out for myself as I definitely didn't believe that it would work.  The results: Mine bubbled.  Now, I'm in no way saying that I believe this test works, but I do find it to be a VERY odd test. :)

You're probably thinking, oh my, if this baby is a boy, Kristen is going to be shocked. I don't think I'd be too shocked.  Some days, I really do think it's a boy.  But then part of me has to believe everything around me screaming, "girl."  Obviously, we won't know for sure until the end of October (18 weeks pregnant).  Either way, I will be thrilled because it would be great to have a boy first so he can be the older brother, but then it would also be great to have a girl that could be our little princess. 

Did you "know" the sex of your baby before the ultrasound? If so, how did you know? Intuition? Old wives tales?